SKYJACK - The Real Book Spy Review

The Real Book Spy | March 5, 2018

“In a genre that predominantly features alpha male characters, K.J. Howe re-writes the rulebook by making her protagonist a strong female operative with a medical condition, adding realism without sacrificing any of the action. Thea Paris can throw down with the very best the genre has to offer, and so can Howe.

From start to finish, Skyjack is one wild, twisting, and flat-out entertaining thrill ride. If you’re searching for a great new series to jump into, look no further.

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SKYJACK - Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Publishers Weekly | Feb. 19, 2018

“Good thing Thea has serious skills in fighting, shooting, and flying a plane. The enthralling plot moves across Europe with lightning speed, linking a WWII legend with an underground militant group’s plan to release a deadly toxic substance. In-depth character studies match the high tension. With this nail-biter, Howe seals her place as a first-class purveyor of adventure stories showcasing strong women characters.”

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THE UNDERTAKER'S DAUGHTER - Killer Nashville Interview

Killer Nashville | Feb. 15, 2018

Sara Blaedel is the author of the #1international bestselling series featuring Detective Louise Rick. Recently, Ms. Blaedel took a bit of time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for Killer Nashville about The Undertaker’s Daughter, the first novel in her new trilogy. Follow the link above for the full interview!

BLACK INK - Shelf Awareness Starred Review

Shelf Awareness | Feb. 16, 2018

“An expertly selected and edited sampler that features 25 of the best black writers to work in the U.S., Black Ink is also a chronological portrait of the conscious development of black literature in the U.S. by black writers, editors and critics. This is the third anthology by editor and writer Stephanie Stokes Oliver (Song for My Father), with an introduction by poet Nikki Giovanni. Black Ink is the sort of book that opens doors to other books.”

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SKYJACK - LitHub "The Most Anticipated Crime, Mystery, and Thriller Titles of 2018"

LitHub | Jan. 11, 2018

Skyjack was included in LitHub’s list of the most anticipated crime, mystery, and thriller titles of 2018! Follow the link above to see the full list.


Shelf Awareness | Feb. 13, 2018

“At the forefront of this devastatingly urgent conversation about systemic racism and unpunished violence against people of color is Patrisse Khan-Cullors, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement and author of When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir. Along with coauthor asha bandele, memoirist and former senior editor at Essence magazine, Cullors constructs a meditative, meaningful work.”

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THE UNDERTAKER'S DAUGHTER - "Best Books to Read March 2018" | Jan. 31, 2018

The Undertaker’s Daughter by Sara Blaedel was included in’s “17 Best Books to Dive Into This March”! Click the link above for the full list.

THE UNDERTAKER'S DAUGHTER - Everything Zoomer "7 Must-Read Mysteries & Thrillers"

Everything Zoomer | Feb. 2nd, 2018

Everything Zoomer included The Undertaker’s Daughter on their list of 7 Must-Read Mysteries & Thriller! Follow the link above for the full list.

THE UNDERTAKER'S DAUGHTER - New York Times Book Review

New York Times | Feb. 2, 2018

Ilka Jensen is nothing if not resourceful. In the first novel in Sara Blaedel’s new series, The Undertaker’s Daughter (Grand Central, $26), Jensen leaves her home in Copenhagen and flies to Racine, Wis., after her estranged father leaves her an undertaking business in his will. On her first day, Jensen must add pet dogs to the plans for a funeral service, pick up a severely mangled body at the morgue (“Bring along some extra plastic. It sounds like it might be a mess”) and come up with $60,000 to keep the I.R.S. from freezing her assets. To make this new life complete, the police inform her that one of the bodies in her freezer is probably a murderer. Most amateur sleuths hold down professional jobs to support their unofficial detective work. Blaedel has come up with an especially challenging occupation for Jensen, but this 6-foot-tall Viking goddess is strong enough to carry it all by herself.

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THE WIFE BETWEEN US - USA Today Best-Seller List

USA Today | January 18, 2018

The Wife Between Us landed at #7 on the USA Today bestseller list! Click the link above for the full list.


BookReporter | January 18, 2018

“This is a book about one woman’s capacity to love herself and her family and friends so hard she knows the power in that love. This is a book about one woman’s journey into a deeper, fuller love and her journey to spread that love —- to teach it, to work towards kindness, peace and breath, to work to get to a place where she doesn’t have to live in fear for herself or her loved ones, but can put all her bountiful energy towards creation and positivity. This is a book about an inclusive movement of visibility and justice. This is not a book that can be pinned down easily. It’s a memoir, a story of living history. This is not a book that I have any right to tell you about. It speaks for itself.

Patrisse Khan-Cullors and asha bandele have crafted an urgent, direct, informed and compassionate volume. I deeply encourage everyone to read it.”

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THE WIFE BETWEEN US - Wall Street Journal Bestseller List

Wall Street Journal | January 18, 2018

The Wife Between Us was included on the Wall Street Journal‘s Fiction E-Books bestseller list! Click the link above to see the full list.

WHEN THEY CALL YOU A TERRORIST - WNYC "Here For It: Oprah, 'The Chi' and the Power of a Protest Memoir"

WNYC | January 16, 2018

Most people are familiar with the Black Lives Matter movement, and some are even aware that it was founded by three young, queer black women — Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Alicia Garzia and Opal Tometi. But one thing that is often overlooked, or perhaps just misunderstood, is that activists, people who make movements, commit to acts of protest, are also very human. They are not all driven by anger, they do not bleed boiling blood. And that’s what comes through above all else in Khan-Cullors memoir, When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir, which she co-wrote with award-winning author and journalist Asha Bandele.

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WHEN THEY CALL YOU A TERRORIST - Democracy Now! "The Life of Black Lives Matter Cofounder Patrisse Khan-Cullors"

Democracy Now! | January 16, 2018

Democracy Now! speaks with Patrisse Khan-Cullors about her life and When They Call You A Terrorist. Click the link above for the full video.

WHEN THEY CALL YOU A TERRORIST - Bustle "Books By Women To Read During The Week Of January 16"

Bustle | January 16, 2018

On the day after America’s annual celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. comes a memoir that poignantly and poetically emphasizes the root of civil disobedience: love. However, co-authors Patrisse Khan-Cullors and Asha Bandele want you to know that change is not usually pretty or diplomatic. In fact, fighting on behalf of yourself and those who have been victimized by centuries of white power is not — in any sense — easy or clean, and the strength and resilience required to continue these fights does not flow from an unlimited well.

WHEN THEY CALL YOU A TERRORIST - BookTrib "This Week's Best New Releases"

BookTrib | January 16, 2018

When They Call You A Terrorist was included on this week’s BookTrib list of best new releases. The full list can be found at the link above.

WHEN THEY CALL YOU A TERRORIST - "16 Books to Pick Up This Winter" | Jan. 14, 2018

When They Call You A Terrorist was one of Oprah’s 16 books to pick up this winter. Click the link above to see the full list!

THE STOLEN ANGEL - Bookreporter Review

Bookreporter | January 12, 2018

“There are a lot of moving parts to the plot, though Blaedel keeps everything well-oiled and moving with nary a squeak as she leads the reader through the book to a series of startling and satisfying conclusions…The Stolen Angel will leave both long-term fans of Blaedel and casual readers of her work wanting more.”

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THE WIFE BETWEEN US - Wall Street Journal "Six More Books to Read This Winter"

Wall Street Journal | Jan. 9, 2018

The Wife Between Us was included on the Wall Street Journal‘s winter book recommendations! Click the link above to see the full list.

THE RUNNING GIRL - Bookreporter Review

Bookreporter | January 5, 2018

“Sara Blaedel is amazing. She is in no particular hurry to get things moving in the first part of THE RUNNING GIRL as she begins to set things up, but as secrets and schemes unravel, you will find that you simply cannot read fast enough.”

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Happy Ever After blog at | January 1, 2018

“Wonderfully paced and addictive, this book (and this series) is the perfect Nordic Noir pick for those new to the genre and another must-read for us avid readers of Scandinavian crime fiction.”

You may read the full review of The Night Women by Sara Blaedel on the Happy Ever After blog by following the link above!

WHEN THEY CALL YOU A TERRORIST & BLACK INK - Library Journal Starred Reviews

Library Journal | December 12, 2017

Voices To Be Heard: Celebrate Black Women All Yearlong with These Noteworthy Titles

Praise for BLACK INK by Stephanie Stokes Oliver

“An essential collection for readers and students of black history and literature.“—Library Journal, starred review

Praise for WHEN THEY CALL YOU A TERRORIST by Patrisse Khan-Cullors and asha bandele

“This searing, timely look into a contemporary movement from one of its crucial leading voices belongs in all collections.“—Library Journal, starred review

THE GOOD DAUGHTER - Bloomberg Best Books of 2017

Bloomberg | December 5,2017

“Karin Slaughter doesn’t disappoint… A Law & Order: SVU fix, in book form.”

The Good Daughter was included on Bloomberg’s “Best Books of 2017” list! Click the link above to read more.

HarperCollins Acquires World Rights for Four New Books from #1 Internationally Bestselling Author Karin Slaughter

HarperCollins Publishers Press Release | December 1, 2017

HarperCollins Publishers today announced a major world English and foreign language publishing agreement with #1 internationally bestselling author Karin Slaughter. The deal includes four more books to be published by HarperCollins in English as well as more than a dozen additional languages. The books are scheduled to be published annually through 2022, and will include two standalone novels and two novels in her popular Will Trent series. The publisher has acquired both world English and foreign language rights with the intent to publish across all HarperCollins locations worldwide through its Global Publishing Program. The deal was negotiated with Victoria Sanders at the Victoria Sanders & Associates agency.

PopMatters: "The Last Mrs. Parrish" Nods to and Subverts the Classics with Aplomb

PopMatters | November 29, 2017

The Last Mrs. Parrish fits well within the mold of Gone Girl-esque thrillers: it has the requisite unsympathetic female protagonist, features endless double-crossing and conniving and plotting, and is threaded throughout with cutting commentary on the roles and expectations of marriage.

While The Last Mrs. Parrish is not as fresh and daring as Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, which really was utterly shocking, ruthless, and iconic enough to have basically started its own subgenre, it’s far better than Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train.

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THE GOOD DAUGHTER - The Guardian Best Books of 2017

The Guardian | November 26, 2017

Amma Asante named The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter as one of her best reads of 2017.

THE STONE HEART: THE NAMELESS CITY - A Washington Post Top 10 Best Graphic Novels of 2017

The Washington Post | November 15, 2017

The 10 best graphic novels of 2017. The Washington Post called The Stone Heart “a visual stunner.”

Patrisse Cullors speaks about the importance of feminism at Glamour's 2017 Women of the Year Summit

Glamour | November 13, 2017

For the past 27 years, Glamour‘s Women of the Year Awards has honored game changes, rule breakers, and trailblazers. This year’s class of extraordinary women is no exception. So to kick off our favorite day of the year, Glamour is hosting a Women of the Year Live Summit at the Brooklyn Museum. Yesterday, Black Lives Matter cofounder and 2016 Woman of the Year Patrisse Cullors spoke out about the importance of feminism.

THE LAST MRS. PARRISH - A USA Today Weekend Pick for Book Lovers

USA Today | Nov. 11, 2017

What should you read this weekend? USA TODAY’s picks for book lovers include a juicy new biography of Rolling Stone magazine’s Jann Wenner, and Michael Connelly’s latest Harry Bosch thriller.

Huffington Post: 'The Last Mrs. Parrish' Should Be the Very Next Book You Read

Huffington Post | Oct. 31, 2017

The raves are in for The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine, and it’s no wonder. If anything, the glowing blurbs from such literary luminaries as Jane Green, Karin Slaughter, Lee Child, and Jenny Milchman don’t go far enough. The story is gripping from the start, yet when the twist occurs, the reader will feel compelled to go back to the beginning to see what was missed.

BRIT + CO: 3 New Thrillers That Will Take Your Breath Away

BRIT + CO | Oct. 22, 2017

What’s that in the bushes? Look out behind you! Is it a murderer? A psychopath? An evil clown? No… it’s new novels! The new thrillers in this week’s book club will each take you on a fascinating ride, whether it comes from the masterful manipulations of a so-called “best friend,” the turbulent world of high-stakes art, or even a questioning of reality itself. Read on for enough intrigue to last you for days, including The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine!

Deadline Hollywood: Sara Blaedel's Louise Rick Crime Novels In Works As TV Series At Bron Studios

Deadline Hollywood | Oct. 18, 2017

Bron Studios’ TV group has acquired rights to Danish author Sara Blaedel’s bestselling crime fiction book series centered on police detective Louise Rick. The plan is to adapt the novels as a TV series, with the first published Rick book The Forgotten Girls to serve as the backdrop for Season 1.

THE LAST MRS. PARRISH Selected as an iBooks Favorite

October 19, 2017

The Last Mrs. Parrish was selected as an @iBooks Favorite!

Amber Patterson, a young beauty with a humble and checkered past, wants more—so she contrives to befriend Daphne Parrish, a woman who has it all. The Last Mrs. Parrish starts as a classic other-woman tale, with an appearances-are-deceiving thread several shades darker than that of The Girl on the Train. The story takes an unexpected turn when the perspective shifts to Daphne’s chilling first-person narration. Liv Constantine—the pen name of a pair of sisters who write thrillers together online—had us hooked and unsettled from start to finish.

Publishers Weekly: How Two Sisters Wrote One of This Fall's Best Thrillers Together

Publishers Weekly | Oct. 13, 2017

To the pantheon of Gone Girl–type bad girls you can now add Amber Patterson, the manipulative heroine of The Last Mrs. Parrish, who sets her sights on wealthy couple Daphne and Jackson Parrish.The devilishly ingenious debut thriller from Liv Constantine, the pseudonym of sisters Lynne and Valerie Constantine. Lynne and Valerie wrote the book despite living hundreds of miles apart. Here, they talk about their process.

PRETTY GIRLS - Real Simple Q&A with Sarah Michelle Gellar

Real Simple | October 17, 2017

During a Q&A with Real Simple, Sarah Michelle Gellar mentioned that she is currently reading Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter.

USA Today: 5 new books not to miss this week

USA Today | Oct. 15, 2017

The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine is one of USA Today’s 5 new books not to miss this week! The buzz: A “devilishly ingenious debut thriller,” says Publishers Weekly in a starred review.

New York Post: This week's must-read books

New York Post | October 14, 2017

The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine was included alongside other new books in a round-up by the New York Post

Real Simple: The Best New Books to Read This Month

Real Simple | October 2017

Whether you’re looking for a captivating novel, a fascinating investigation, or a poignant memoir, October has something for everyone. Here are ten new releases that caught our eye this month.

Getting hygge in Denmark with author Sara Blaedel

USA Today | June 22, 2017

Denmark’s Queen of Crime, Sara Blaedel, spent several days in Denmark with award-winning journalist, Lois Alter Mark, showing her all of the best places to experience hygge.

Sara Blaedel talks with Lois Alter Mark about her next books

La Jolla Light | July 21, 2017

Sara Blaedel, Denmark’s “Queen of Crime,” includes San Diego in her upcoming novel.

Faith Erin Hicks and EW on THE NAMELESS CITY

Entertainment Weekly | April 3, 2017

Faith Erin Hicks talks continuing The Nameless City trilogy on screen and on the page with Entertainment Weekly. The graphic novel trilogy will soon be coming to the small screen, courtesy of Frederator, EW can exclusively reveal.

Kevin Munoz's THE POST sold to Diversion Books

Publishers Marketplace | April 26, 2017

Kevin Munoz’s THE POST, set in a walled-in city near the former Atlanta, where the survivors of a worldwide pandemic are trying to rebuild society, to Lia Ottaviano and Jaime Levine at Diversion Books, by Bernadette Baker-Baughman at Victoria Sanders & Associates (World).

Major deal for #BlackLivesMatter co-founder Cullors & asha bandele

Publishers Marketplace | March 31, 2017

#BlackLivesMatter co-founder and freedom fighter Patrisse Cullors and journalist Asha Bandele’s WHEN THEY CALL YOU A TERRORIST, a Black Lives Matter memoir, with a foreword by Angela Davis, to Monique Patterson at St. Martin’s, in a major deal, at auction, by Tanya McKinnon at McKinnon McIntyre and Victoria Sanders at Victoria Sanders & Associates.
German rights to Martin Breitfeld at Kiepenheuer & Witsch, in a pre-empt, by Mary Anne Thompson at Mary Anne Thompson Associates.

Thelma Adams's second novel sold to Lake Union

Publishers Marketplace | March 8, 2017

Film critic and co-producer of the TV show FEUD Thelma Adams’s untitled on Jewish Mafia, which follows a disenfranchised Jewish woman in Brooklyn after the turn of the century, whose only source of liberation from the rigid bonds of her station is through her older brother, a hitman for Murder Incorporated, to Danielle Marshall at Lake Union Publishing, for publication in 2018, on exclusive submission, by Victoria Sanders at Victoria Sanders & Associates (World).

New book from Gigi Levangie sold to SMP on exclusive submission

Publishers Marketplace | February 25, 2017

Gigi Levangie’s ANONYMOUS V. ANONYMOUS, a humorous, high-speed adventure through a writer’s marriage and divorce to her movie industry heavy hitter husband – gone wrong, to Jennifer Enderlin at St. Martin’s, in an exclusive submission, in a pre-empt, in a two-book deal, by Victoria Sanders at Victoria Sanders & Associates (NA).

T. Greenwood's RUST AND STARDUST pre-empted by St. Martin's

Publishers Marketplace | February 23, 2017

T. Greenwood’s RUST AND STARDUST, when an 11-year old is kidnapped in 1948 by a convicted felon, so begins a 21-month journey exploring both the crime and criminal as well as the effect upon the girl, her family left behind, and her community; the spark upon which Vladimir Nabakov based LOLITA, a literary thriller and kaleidoscopic family portrait, to Hope Dellon at St. Martin’s, in a two-book deal, for publication in Spring 2018, by Victoria Sanders at Victoria Sanders & Associates (World).

Posthumous memoir by Gail Campbell Woolley sold to Agate

Publishers Marketplace | February 16, 2017

Gail Campbell Woolley with Nick Chiles’s SOAR, pitched in the spirit of WHEN BREATH BECOMES AIR and John Gunther’s DEATH BE NOT PROUD, the inspiring posthumous memoir of an irrepressible woman who lived an extraordinary life and her half-century battle with the blood disease, sickle cell anemia, to Doug Seibold at Agate, for publication in Fall 2017, by Victoria Sanders at Victoria Sanders & Associates (world).

K.J. Howe, THE FREEDOM BROKER profiled in The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post | February 14, 2017

K. J. Howe is an avid traveler, has raced camels in Jordan, and dove with the great white sharks in South Africa. She’s the executive director of Thrillerfest, the annual conference of the International Thriller Writers Organization. The Freedom Broker is her debut published novel.

Scott Stambach wins Alex Award for IVAN ISAENKO

American Library Association | January 23, 2017

The Alex Awards are given to ten books written for adults that have special appeal to young adults, ages 12 through 18. The winning titles are selected from the previous year’s publishing. The Alex Awards were first given annually beginning in 1998 and became an official ALA award in 2002.

“The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko,” by Scott Stambach, published by St. Martin’s Press (9781250081865). He has no arms or legs. She has blood that is betraying her. They are the smartest people in the children’s hospital and the only ones who understand, and they take “star-crossed lovers” to a whole new level.

Grand Central to publish more Barbara Bourland, Sara Blaedel

Publishers Weekly | December 9, 2016

Grand Central’s Maddie Caldwell has acquired North American rights to former O Magazine digital producer Barbara Bourland’s Pine City, the author’s second novel. Victoria Sanders of Victoria Sanders & Associates, who brokered the deal, called it an “uncommon acquisition” given that Bourland’s first novel, I’ll Eat When I’m Dead, has not yet been published. (That book is due from Grand Central in spring 2017.) According to Sanders, Pine City is set in an “abandoned summer resort in the Hudson Valley” and centers on a young painter who “finds herself falling ever deeper into the inner circle of an enigmatic group of older artists.” Pine City is set for a spring 2019 release.

Sanders also brokered a deal with Grand Central’s Lindsey Rose for North American rights to seven books by suspense author Sara Blaedel. One book, The Undertaker’s Daughter, the first in the Undertaker series is, according to Sanders, about a “woman who receives an unexpected inheritance—which turns out to be much more than she bargained for—from a father she hasn’t heard from in three decades, forcing her to leave her native Denmark and relocate to Racine, Wisconsin.” The publisher also acquired six backlist titles in Blaedel’s series centering on Louise Rick, a police investigator.

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